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Sky Ride Like A Pro 2015

  • Ride Like a Pro Winners Crowned, Two years in a row for SRC !
  • Jaguar and Team Sky organised some bike rides from dealerships all over the UK. All you had to do is take part.

    I entered the local one in Taunton. It was a great turn out and a great route that went out towards Langport, along the levels, up dancing hill and back to the jag garage, where refreshments were complimentary!!

    To get through to the next round they picked your name at random and I was one of the lucky ones that was chosen!!

    The final took place at Blyton Park racing circuit in Lincolnshire and involved cycling a 10 mile Time Trial and an autotest in a Jaguar, both on the circuit. The driving part wasn't my forte but I put everything into the TT and it was enough for me to win against the other ladies.

    The big prize was to fly out to Majorca and ride with Team Sky! Amazing!!!

    My husband and I went. I can honestly say it was just such an honour to be with such an amazing talented team. We arrived at the hotel where they train for about a month, that's when I first met Sir David Brailsford. He was such a nice, genuine guy and so so passionate about cycling!!! As I was standing there talking to Brailsford Joanna Rowsell and Laura Trott (Olympic gold medal lists from the track) came in and had a chat with me. I was totally star struck!! My complete idols!!!

    We had dinner with the staff and team sky as well as some others who won the trip through a charity auction.

    The next day was the ride. We had a briefing with the team sky coaches and Brailsford to discuss what the training was for the day! We rode with them for the first 12km then we carried on for our ride! We rode with Brailsford, Ollie Cookson, Fran miller and we also had the the team cars and mopeds with us!!!

    Team sky set us up with a team training ride. At the bottom of Formentor there are 2 roundabouts and we had 2 teams of 5 (I was the only woman in our team the other had 3!) We had to do 3 laps for the men, 2 for the girls. Then we had to race up the hill. The guys were meant to catch me and work as a team and pace me up, but they didn't catch me and I stormed on up to get to the top first!

    After the ride we went back to the sky hotel and had our final meal with them.

    My whole experience was surreal, an amazing experience and something I will never forget!!!.

    Writen By Gemma Waterjohns

    Trainer Road.

  • guys and girls, use Trainer Road to get fast !

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    Mountain Bike Update

    MOUNTAIN BIKERS!! - Following on from what I brought up at the AGM about running a more regular 'training' MTB ride on the Quantocks, how would this sound to those interested? Every last Saturday in the month meeting at Lydeard Hill car park at 9:30 for a steady ride directly over to the other side of the hills (near St Audries) and then taking in 2-3 Combes and returning to Lyd CP at 11:30-12 with the option to drop down to the Pines for a coffee after. Please let me know if this is sounds good and I'll get it going if there's enough interest. I wouldn't be able to make them all my self but would hope there'd be enough riders to support it even if I can't be there.

    Contact Mike Waterjohns..

    Mountain Bike Update

    Twas the night before the race and not a creature was stirring of us got in at 3am and the other was having his nose pulled and eyes poked by a two and a half year old at half four in the morning!! So offcamber events have had a xc series running now since last year, and charlie revell and myself thought we'd catch round five (two rounds left mike w and mark g wayne h) at the crack of dawn i was looking out the curtains, wow no frost! excellent i thought! i arrived early to the sign on, in perhaps the coldest barn in the world and toilet for that matter! i started to eye up the opposition (all 111 of them) whilst waiting for the revell motorcade to arrive! some nice bikes out today! anyway briefing at 0945 to which i think i heard one word!! no warm up today, not enough time, "cough cough" charlie!!!!!! todays biggest problem was what to wear! it was two degrees but in the sun it was lovely and warm, three layers...............wrong decision mr F! i was melting halfway round the first lap! charlie had managed to get right close to the front on the rolling start whilst i struggled a little for position, (learning curve) and off we went for three laps of a 5 mile course, some good technical bits and short sharp climbs and mud...lots of mud, again!!! so i spent most of my time skidding, although i stayed upright for the entire race!!!! some low branches and tight spaces to get through as well, altogether a good technical fast flowing lap, it even had a "bombhole" so i'm told, anyway i did manage to catch some air from this bombhole!! I pushed hard from the off and had some good fights all the way round, mostly being let down by my skill on only my seventh outing mtb'ing, but i had an edge on quite a skillful guy who kept cutting past me on the downs, i just went past him on the ups! (rare for me to pass on the climbs), so out of 75 people in our category i managed a 43rd place which i'm really pleased with, especially as it was a fast finish and i managed to hold the guy off on my wheel! So to the one who was lets say a little rough looking this morning,charlie came in in 20th place picking up 17 series points, this boy raced at odd down the day before and didn't even warm up and still he finishes with points, there is absolutely no faulting his commitment to how he races and the 110% effort he gives every race, he even did the entire 15 miles with no water, (after his latest pants purchase of a side entry water bottle system which was just rubbish and flawed from the off) infact he took it off!! so lets hope charlie does the other rounds to bring himself up in contention overall! i'm sure he'll fill in the gaps but he too had a solid race, working hard from the off and pushing right to the end as he too had someone chasing him down right to the line! i will look out for some photos as there were people out on course, but sadly we didnt take the WAGS today! to early start for them! and my wife had a bike maintenance course! yep she can now prep all my bikes before the off! all in all another fantastic day in the forest, smiles all round!

    Writen By Peter Flecken..

    News Soggy Bottom MTB Series 11th Jan 2015

    As some off you will already know three src racers took part in the soggy bottom mtb series yesterday,round one! the day started well, upon my arrival charlie revell was already there, yes you read that correctly!!! charlie and myself had entered the sport male category which had an age range of 16 plus, so those young skinny little whippets made life tough! charlie did a fab job on his new mtb pulling out a 12th place finish. as you may know i am totally new to mtb'ing, this ride being my sixth only time on the bike, i certainly put alot of effort in, but i only managed 37th place out of i think 49 riders in our cat! but conditions did not favor charlie or myself, both of us getting stuck behind an early crash on the bottle neck bridge as the mass start all trying to get through! that was the last i saw of charlie as he went off to pick off his opponents! the course was certainly churned up and extremely muddy, to which my tires really didn't have an answer to and my lack of skill, so i spent my entire downhill fun skidding along and falling off. i think most riders used the raging current of the river to wash the bike off before embarking on the next lap, to which my wife told me that one rider nearly lost his bike down the river as he was swept off for being so light...............sometimes it pays to have a little weight behind you!!!!! mike waterjohns race was next in his cat of 46 riders mike pulled out an amazing fifth place finish so well done mike, we stayed to watch mike through a couple laps but i don't really know what happened at his end, hopefully he'll comment and enlighten us, mikes race must have been even tougher than ours because it was the same course already churned up from our race so it must have taken alot of skill to even stay upright let alone finish 5th. all in all we all came away with smiles and bruises! from an event that was well organised and run, plenty of help plenty of food and some great support from wives mum dads girlfriends etc etc, and i do wonder how the tandem mtb crew got on?? i'm looking forward to the next round in Feb so get on fullysussed websites all you mtb'ers and get entered!!!!!! if i have missed anyone out then please say, i believe Sam whittlesea entered the fun cat and finished 11th but i was a little unsure if he was riding for src so please feel free to shed some light anyone. a big thank you to charlie revell as well for taking alot of time out of his personal life to spend with me in wales in cwmcarn on the mtb trails helping me to learn the ropes, waiting for me at the top and teaching me the tricks of his expanse knowledge of cycling and racing, THANK YOU.

    Writen By Peter Flecken..


    A reminder that our Club AGM will be held at The Harvest Moon, North Newton next Monday (12th Jan) starting at 7.30. If you are a member of the club this is YOUR opportunity to come along and air your views or voice your opinion concerning Club matters. If there is something you want to get off your chest please feel free to discuss and if you feel you have something to give then please put yourselves forward and stand for election for one of the many posts on offer. We don't want the meeting to be stuffy, dull or long drawn out but a lively, positive discussion where any new ideas and thoughts will be welcome.

    See you there.

    Torbay Winter Series

    Torbay Velopark Winter Series has given SRC some good resualts in the last few months, Race One 2nd November 2014, was won by our very own Charlie Revell, with Tim Southcombe 4th and Adrian Reynolds 5th, Race Two 7th December 2014,also seeing points for Tim finishing 9th and Adrian 10th.

    Good riding Guys, good luck in the rest of the races in 2015.

    Club News

    Steuart Saunders, after five years service to Somerset Road Club has resigned his position as club chairman and is leaving SRC to set up his own race team in 2015. I would like to thank Steuart for all his help, support and hard work within SRC over the last five years and wish him all the best with his new venture.

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